Bernadette Fox
Marketing Manager
4380 S. Gordon Ave

Our niche is the decision culture of agriculture – we catalyze the family dynamics where multiple generations make decisions together for a decade± and parents can groom successful successors.

We bring the family together through conference voice/video calls weekly, monthly, or how often the family wants/needs to help them make those important joint decisions. We improve how families communicate and get things done. Anything you can do to improve decision-making systems, boosts profitability by a staggering percentage!

Often farm succession disputes arise when families cannot sit down and make decisions. Families get into power struggles, get frustrated and someone gets pushed off the farm. Bad decisions cause the soft issues which become hard problems in farming! The reality is: your family isn’t ready to discuss succession planning until your team can sit down and squeeze an extra 10% profit out of your assets. Once your family is able to make quality decisions together, we will quarterback the dream team of accounting and legal professionals to put together a succession strategy so that there are no surprises at the funeral.

We set the estate up so that the heirs involved in day-to-day farming operations understand clearly what they are working towards. We enable parents to happily “farm until they die” without hindering their successor’s farming career or the farm’s growth.

Our meetings subtly help parents and kids understand where both parties are coming from and why each party thinks the way they do. We motivate everyone to acknowledge, accept, and welcome each other’s views and ideas. We motivate everyone to focus on success and to make the changes they personally have to make to succeed. We believe it’s common sense to first groom a successful successor before transferring capital that took generations to build. Anything you can do to take your successor from being a good manager into a great manager improves the odds of the farm’s long-term success.

Why spend your life building an empire if it falls apart after you’re gone? Why not do a good job transferring management, not just assets? Why worry about assets now when it is your successor’s long-term success that dictates your farm’s future? Our mission and life’s purpose is to keep your legacy alive and ensure that your family’s name stays on your farm’s mailbox for generations to come!

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