Farm transfer planning is a process to determine how a farm will pass on to the next generation or to another farmer. The transfer plan addresses all pieces of the transfer puzzle—interpersonal, financial, and legal. It lays out a path for the transfer of farm management, income, and assets. A farm transfer plan typically addresses retirement needs, estate planning, changes in business structure, and conservation goals. For more about these issues, see also Comprehensive Guides.

Creating a Limited Liability Company

A concise matrix outlining what to do and when to do it.

Beth Kennett, Bob Parsons, and Jesse J. Richardson, Jr.
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Extension Service
2 pages

Creating a Limited Liability Company (Chapter 1, page 25)


Transferring the Family Farm: What Worked, What Didn’t, for 10 New Jersey Families

Ten real-life case studies.

New Jersey State Agriculture Development Committee
Farm Link Program
2003, 38 pages

Available online (.pdf)

Holding Ground: A Guide to Northeast Farmland Tenure and Stewardship

A comprehensive guide that includes an examination of “non-ownership” tenure such as rental agreements, long-term leasing, and other arrangements; includes sample agreements, worksheets, and other resources.

Annette Higby, Kathryn Z. Ruhf, and Andrea Woloschuk
The New England Small Farm Institute
2004, 162 pages
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Glossary for Succession Planning

Common, non-professional definitions of succession, estate planning terms and related financial terms.

NCFC Business Consulting
6 pages

Glossary for Succession Planning (.pdf)

Farmland Transfer & Protection in New England

A guide for entering and exiting farmers; includes worksheets; not limited to New England farm operators.

Kathryn Z. Ruhf
The New England Small Farm Institute
1999, 124 pages

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Farm Transfer Planning

An outline and resources for initial steps toward developing a farm transfer plan.

American Farmland Trust
Farmland Information Center
Farm Transfer Planning

Farm Succession/Transition Resources

Fact sheets, checklists, and worksheets covering transfer planning, business planning, and finance. Resources in PA Farm Link’s Resource Central are not limited to Pennsylvania farm families.

Pennsylvania Farm Link

Resource Central


Farm Succession Planning Steps and Checklist

An outline of steps to take.

Peter Coughler – OMAFRA; Christine Wenger – Acting Succession Planning and Business Agreements Program Lead/OMAFRA
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAF)
2010, 10 pages

Farm Succession Planning Steps and Checklist


Farm Succession Planning Guide

OMAFRA’s new Farm Succession Planning Guide provides farmers, farm families and farm business advisors with a practical guide to the succession planning process.

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Farm Succession Planning Guide