This section focuses on professional and policy issues surrounding farm transfer. Farm transfer affects not only exiting and entering farm families. Communities and policymakers care about the future of farms and farmers’ ability to successfully pass along the farm business and farmland. You will find presentations about farm succession issues, public policy analyses and policy recommendations.

Property and Values: Alternatives to Public and Private Ownership

Property rights issues considered from multiple perspectives and an exploration of new and more socially equitable forms of ownership

Charles Geisler and Gail Daneker, eds.
Equity Trust
Island Press, 2000, 336 p.
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Handing Over the Reins: A Comparative Study of Intergenerational Farm Transfers in England, France, and Canada

Research on farm transfer in several U.S. states and Canadian provinces.

Andrew Errington
The University of Plymouth, England
2000, 15 pages


Farm Family Succession in the 21st Century

An insightful overview of the farm family succession process, including history, current issues, and practical applications.

Richard J. Cressman
University of Guelph
2006, 35 pages

Farm Family Succession in the 21st Century

Ten Rules of Transition Management

Rules that are generally used in successful business transitions.

David Kohl, Alex White, Dixie Reaves and Amanda Wilson
Virginia Cooperative Extension

Farm Management Update, June 1996

Holding Ground: A Guide to Northeast Farmland Tenure and Stewardship

A comprehensive guide that includes an examination of “non-ownership” tenure such as rental agreements, long-term leasing, and other arrangements; includes sample agreements, worksheets, and other resources.

Annette Higby, Kathryn Z. Ruhf, and Andrea Woloschuk
The New England Small Farm Institute
2004, 162 pages
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Farmland Transfer & Protection in New England

A guide for entering and exiting farmers; includes worksheets; not limited to New England farm operators.

Kathryn Z. Ruhf
The New England Small Farm Institute
1999, 124 pages

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