Land For Good

Jim Habana Hafner
Executive Director
39 Central Square, Suite 306

Land For Good provides affordable, customized, step-by-step farm transfer planning. We offer several service packages to help farm families and other farmland owners through the transfer planning process, from assessment to referrals to mapping to assembling documents. We also conduct workshops and trainings on farm transfer and tenure. We also offer specialized technical assistance in limited development, non-traditional tenure arrangements such as long-term leases, and land use planning. Please visit or call for a free consult.

Additional Contact Information

Penny Jordan
Maine Field Staff
[email protected]

Penny Jordan, a fourth generation farmer in Maine, grew up on the farm she currently operates alongside her brother, Bill Jr., and sisters, Pam and Carol Anne. She brings personal experience with farm transition planning, selling of development rights and leveraging the talents and capabilities of family members to lead the development and executuoin of farm transfer plans. Penny has over 30 years experience in project management and business planning. She holds a Masters degree in social work, focusing on Community Organizing and Program Design. Penny is actively involved in Maine agriculture and holds a strong belief that taking action to ensure the long term viability of our farm businesses is one way to attract the next generation to the farm.

Mike Ghia
Vermont Field Staff
[email protected]

Mike Ghia was a beginner farmer and land seeker from 1997-2007. Now he farms part-time while working as a farm consultant through University of Vermont Extension and the Women’s Ag Network. Mike also works through the VT Farm Viability Program as a Farm Business Planner. He coaches beginner farmers on farm and tenure issues and financial planning and assists families with intergenerational transfers. His expertise includes grazing planning and soils.

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