Phillip Metzger

Phillip Metzger
120 Thompson Creek Road

I provide personal services in the areas of improved decision-making, goal setting, resource delineation, financial & business planning and land use & grazing planning.

I work with clients (specifically farmers & landowners) via phone, Skype, email, and on-site.

I have extensive experience working with private landowners and public & non-profit partners having retired in 2011 from a 32-year career as a resource conservation & development coordinator with the USDA – Natural Resources Conservation Service. I assist landowners and instruct groups on topics relating to farm management & transfer. I am a certified educator in Holistic Management and am currently serving as an instructor for the Northeast Beginning Women Farmer program as well as working with private clients.

My primary interest is to assist farmers & landowners to realize their farm/family goals and create the life or legacy they desire.

Fee Schedule:
Email, phone, Skype assistance-$35/hour; On-site* assistance-$50/hr (On-site Options: ½-day(~4 hours)=$200(minimum), 1-day(~8 hours)=$350)
*For on-site assistance or other required travel-add round-trip mileage @ $0.50/mile & lodging if necessary. (I have family/friends in NH/VT.)
Note: Rates are flexible based on contract, funding available, nature of specific circumstances, client, etc.

Seth Wilner, University of New Hampshire, 603-863-9200,[email protected]
Vivian Holmes, University of Maine, 207-939-6607,[email protected]
John Thurgood, USDA – NRCS, 607-643-2804,[email protected]
Devon Whitney-Deal, 413-548-0715, [email protected]

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