Rhode Island Agricultural Mediation Program

Victoria Moreno-Jackson
Program Director
570 Broad St.
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CMCRI is certified by the US Department of Agriculture to operate and administer the Agricultural Mediation Program for the state of Rhode Island. Services are provided through qualified and experienced mediators with backgrounds and training in agricultural issues.

When a USDA agency issues an “adverse determination,” it also offers the option of mediation, and must participate in mediation where requested. Borrowers or their creditors may also request mediation for agricultural credit issues where a borrower is delinquent or at risk of becoming so. Mediation may also be requested where the issue affects agriculture in the state of Rhode Island.

Mediation is available at little or no cost to citizens of the Rhode Island farming community. Mediation services for agricultural loans, credit, farm program compliance and other agricultural-related issues are funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture through a grant to the Community Mediation Center of Rhode Island.

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