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Susanne Terry
2847 Tampico Road

My work is primarily in helping farm families to outline the principles that will guide the decisions involved in farm transfer and planning and identifying concrete steps in a successful succession process. Each family is different, with different needs and goals which need to be addressed.

Within the family, if there are differences of philosophy, style of operation, or opinions about future steps, I work with family members to identify points of agreement and explore strengths and drawbacks of differing points of view.

While I do several other forms of mediation, consulting, and training, farm issues are particularly close to my heart. My husband and I own a diversified tree farm in northern Vermont, which he operates.

I have 30 years of consulting and mediation experience. I am a mediator in the Vermont Agricultural Mediation Program.

My fee is usually $140 an hour. I charge $25 per hour for driving to a location plus mileage. Under some circumstances, such as a larger piece of work, the fee can be negotiated.

References available on request.

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